ISD Orioles

2018 Oriole Scramble Golf Outing


Monday, June 25, 2018
West Chase Golf Club
4 Hollaway Blvd, Brownsburg, IN

Oriole Scramble Golf Outing 2018




Paul:  Alright! How you doing?!
Joey:  I’m good.
Paul:  I’m ready!
Joey:  Ready for what?
Paul:  Summer!
Joey:  I’m with you on that!
Paul:  I’m Paul Wood the athletic director here.
Joey:  Hi!  I’m Joey Kutcka and I’m running the golf outing.
Paul:  This is an update for the golf outing.  I just want to emphasize that this is a fundraiser for the athletic department.  The funds will go towards flight costs for the Deaf tournaments for our 3 sport athletes.  These funds will help alleviate the costs of travel for them.   So Joey, could you give us an update on the event as we draw nearer to June 25th?
Joey:  Yes, it’s been a slow start with only 6 registrations so far.  We really need to get the word out there and more sign ups- act now!  Act now, as it is quickly approaching!
Paul:  Yes, when is the deadline for signups?
Joey:  Our goal date is June 18th.  If we have plenty of sign ups by then, we should be good to go.
Paul:  Ok, so how do you register?
Joey:  Go to the website and click on the golf outing.  It’ll come right up.  It’s right there, you can’t miss it.
Paul:  You can pay using your credit card through PayPal.   Can you explain the costs?
Joey:  It’s $100; the standard $35 green fee, plus $15 for food (by the way, the food is delicious!),  so that’s $50 and the other $50 will go to the athletic department.
Paul:  Please get your registrations turned in.  If we don’t get enough submitted by June 18th then we won’t have a choice but to cancel.  We don’t want that to happen with it being our 1st annual outing.  Please come out and support us.  Joey, can you tell us more about the prizes, etc.?
Joey:  If the tournament is on, please bring some extra money and I’ll tell you why.  Please watch as I explain all the details.
Paul:  Money talks.
Joey:  There will be 3 different contests- par 3, par 5 and Legend.  Legend will take place at the registration table which I’ll explain more later.  For par 3, the first par 3 is at 150-200 yards.  When you come up to the first par 3 there will be a representative from Dixon Golf.  They are sponsoring this and will donate a free ball to each participant.  If you want to be involved in this contest, you can make a $10 donation which will get you a 1 year free subscription to Golf Digest plus $30 off Dixon’s online shopping.  Now, for the contest, remember you have two balls, the Dixon ball or your own ball.  You also have a chance to win a 3rd ball if you make it on the green, not the fairway.  You will get two chances to do so, if you make it, you will get a sleeve of balls, which is really nice.  Oh sorry, let me back up here.  If someone happens to get a hole in one, that player will automatically go to Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl.  You know the Fiesta Bowl is an annual game for college football.  They will have the 1 million hole in one challenge.  I’m not sure exactly how that will work.  Will they cover the cost of airfare?  What a really nice opportunity to have that college football experience.  You can’t miss that! I recommend you make those donations.
The next contest is the par 5.  It is pretty comparable to par 3.  A representative will set up 15 hula hoops scattered throughout par 5, which is around 450 to 500 yards out.  The hoops will be placed anywhere in the fairway and the rough.  To participate, there is a $20 donation.  You will get a certificate for a hybrid or a wedge, a $150 discount on a Zovatti watch (you can check it out), and two raffle tickets (the raffle will take place at the end of the outing).  Plus you get 2 swings, similar to the par 3 contest, to make it into the hoop.  If you make it you get a free custom fit driver, brand new, or a watch valued at $500!
Paul:  Nice.
Joey:  For 20 bucks, it’s worth a try, it certainly won’t hurt.  You could be stylin’ in a $500 watch!  What a deal!  I can’t imagine what this watch looks like!  I’ll have to check out that Zovatti watch.
Paul:  That’s Italian, of course!
Joey:  Maybe, I don’t know, but you’ll be strutting your stuff with that.  Just kidding.  To do the legend contest you can buy tickets at the registration table.  I don’t know the cost of this contest yet, it may be something like 5 for 20.  I’m not sure.  They will sell tickets until right before the  start of the event at 11:00 am.  Just before that, they will randomly draw four names.  Those four names will be held until the par 3.  If any player gets a whole in one, Dixon will give that player $10,000 cash.  Not only that, but the athletic department will get $10,000 from Dixon as well.
Paul:  Nice.
Joey:  Whew!
Paul:  Wow.
Joey:  So start practicing now and with single minded determination you can get that hole in one!  And our athletic department will be thrilled to get that $10,000 as well.  Nice!  For each of the three contests Dixon will look at the total sales and donate 20%, 30% and 40% respectively to the athletic department.  That is really nice.  Dixon said that an event that has 100 plyers, they typically donate $600-$700 on average from those contests.  Which means, the more you all donate, the more money comes back to ISD.
Paul:  Golf is typically an expensive sport.  But at our event you get to play golf, help the athletic department and win prizes which is so nice! Yeah!  So come on, get registered and hopefully we can make this an annual event.
Joey:  Come on and join us it will be fun!
Both:  yeah!!
Joey:  Thank you for watching.




28 Participants

Team A – Joey Kutcka, Andrew Alka, Scott Kochan & Michael Senics
Team B – Scott Bradach, Michael Skjeveland, Shaun Pickering & Peter Pickering
Team C – David Lefors, Brice Lowe, Wade Curtis & Tom Perkins
Team D – Bob Dramin, Joe Dearing, Dale Saline & Cy Saunders
Team E – Rusty Crace, Tyler Crace, Jeff Richards & Corey Wascher
Team F – Greg Gantt, Andy Leffler, David Geeslin & Ryan Kelly
Team G – Mark Breshock, Daniel Kriesel, Marek Kaminski & Mark Gessinger


1st Place – Mark Breshock, Dan Kriesel, Marek Kaminski & Mark Gessinger

2nd Place – Mike Skjeveland, Peter Pickering, Shaun Pickering & Scott Bradach

3rd Place – Dale Saline, Cy Saunders, Bob Dramin & Joe Dearing



Drury Inn & Suites Northeast – Indianapolis, IN

8180 N Shadeland Ave – Indianapolis, IN, 46250




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