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Video Description: Background wall in dark gray with Indiana Orioles logo. White brown haired man in black shirt wearing eye glasses.

Matt: Hello! I’m Matt Krueger, Student Life Director. I want to grab the opportunity to update a couple of things about our Athletic Program. I am sure that many of you are pondering about what’s happening with the program along with Athletic Director’s position.

Matt: I would like to share that our applicants for Athletic Director’s position are being reviewed and our committee is in the process of setting up interviews in the next few weeks.

Matt: The orange crew, a team of four, have been outstanding running the Athletic Program. I would like to ask our interim Athletic Director, Wade Curtis, to join me and update us. Come on, Wade!

Video description: Tall brown haired white bearded man in black shirt wearing eye glasses.

Wade: Hello.

Matt: How are you?

Wade: How’s your summer?

Matt and Wade: Good!

Matt: Ready for the summer sports camp?

Wade: Yes, I’m excited about the sports camp staring August 4th. High School football, volleyball, and cross country including Middle School football and volleyball.

Matt: Busy! Sport camp starts August 4th? What time? Wade: Yes, at 5:00 p.m. for registration and orientation at 6:30 p.m.

Matt: Where do we meet?

Wade: We will meet at the Residence Hall where booth will be set up.Matt: When they come for registration, what will they need to bring?

Wade: Aimee, our amazing Athletic Secretary, has already emailed parents with the sports camp information and what to bring for the camp. For High School, a-must-have at the registration, ISHAA paperwork filled and delivered. The same goes for Middle School.

Matt: You will not be able to participate the summer sports camp without the paperwork. It’s important you have them with you when you come.

Matt and Wade: Go Orioles!



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