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News from the Student Life Director

Hello! My name is Matt Krueger and I am Student Life Director here at the Indiana School for the Deaf. I’m here today to share an update regarding our athletics department. Last Wednesday several of our coaches met with the school administrators, including myself, Kim Kause, Director of Instruction, and Dr. David Geeslin, the Superintendent. I can confidently say that the meeting held was one of the most efficient and uplifting meetings I’ve been a part of and I left feeling very appreciative of them all. The purpose of the meeting was to increase transparency in communications from the athletics department, especially in regards to the athletic director position. The coaches shared with us their concerns and areas where they saw growth opportunities within the program.This conversation and subsequent musings fired me up and makes me ever more excited to work with these individuals in the future. That being said, my current update can be summed up in the “Three ‘R’s”.  The first ‘R’ represents the need to ‘re-clarify.’ The athletic program’s expectations, goals, etc,. will be reworked and included in the job description to give a clearer picture of what we’re looking for so that the next athletic director can be the best fit for ISD. The second ‘R’ stands for ‘renew.’ This will be reflected in the athletic departments renewal of commitment, energy, and motivation. While I do believe that our athletic department has never lost their drive, the long standing enthusiasm can easily wane over the course of a project, without occasional reminders. The third ‘R’ represents ‘recommit.’ The athletics department is here for students; the purpose of the athletics department is to serve our students and the larger ISD community. In light of all this, I’d like to share our current game plan with you. The athletic director position, which has been posted, will be temporarily removed and that search put on hold. We will form a committee, comprised of coaches, how will brainstorm and identify issues within the current program and then make a list of expectations for how the next athletic director can address those concerns. They will also make amendments to the job description. That committee will be formed in the next two weeks. Once that committee is formed and has begun to complete their tasks, HR will be asked to approve the new job description. Our goal is that, following HR approval, that new job posting will go live again by December. After the Clerc Classic, a basketball tournament, in January we would be able to move forward with interviewing candidates which would lead to us filling the position with an individual who will be able to carry out our vision for the department. While the long process may seem excessive to some, we believe that this will lead to us filling the position with better, more qualified, candidates ideally allowing us to choose from the best of the best. We are looking forward to this process and encourage you to stay tuned for more updates in the near future. And by the way, don’t forget all of tomorrow's events!  Tomorrow morning is the 5K, at 2pm our volleyball team will be playing their homecoming game, facing off against Traders Point High School in Caskey Gymnasium, and finally at 5pm our football team will be playing their homecoming game against the Alabama School for the Deaf. The Homecoming Royalty Court will be announced tomorrow as well. Come out and enjoy all the fun and excitement! Go Orioles!! 



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